Motonàutica Manel celebrated its 50th anniversary as a company nautical

Motonàutica Manel celebrated its 50th anniversary as a company nautical

Motonàutica Manel, the company nautical located in Cadaqués, celebrates its 50th anniversary offering all the marine services necessary to meet the needs of its customers. Specializing in the sale of new boats and used, engines, marine accessories and quality, the company has a nautical boutique with the best brands in the market. Likewise, it is concerned with providing comprehensive services for the care and maintenance of boats on the Costa Brava.

On the other hand, among its services include the winter storage, storage, maintenance, transport, marine carpentry, fibreglass repairs, nautical upholstery, painting, marine consulting and underwater works in collaboration with Mésdemar. In addition, its team of highly qualified professionals with a wide experience in the sector provides customized solutions to ensure the satisfaction of its customers.

Collaboration with Maritime Services Mésdemar

Motonàutica Manel offers comprehensive services for vessels, including winters and guardianship for the maintenance and protection during the winter.

In addition, it is equipped with technical services specialist in repair of boats and engines and vehicles, and trucks for their transportation; as well as marine carpentry, fibreglass repairs, nautical upholstery and painting. For this reason, this always works with the best products and techniques on the market.

On the other hand, for the owners of boats who need advice, jet-skis, Manel has experts in the industry that may help them in all the procedures and formalities nautical necessary, as registration of vessels, management of exploration for the renewal of certificates, issuance of qualifications and nautical sports, and professional, among other services.

Finally, Motonàutica Manel maintains a close relationship of cooperation with Underwater Works and Maritime Services Mésdemar. The office of Mésdemar is located in the facilities of this company, which offers to the owners of the vessels, the possibility of access to a wide range of services related to the sea.

50 years accumulating experiences in the marine industry Cadaqués

It all began in 1973 with the energetic and constant tenacity of Manel Salart Regincós, a young man of Cadaqués with the studies of mechanics. Manel opened a small workshop in Cadaqués to provide service to the boats, engines and marine area. Then, taking advantage of the growth of the fleet of recreational boats, the small facility was expanded and resulted in the birth of Motonàutica Manel.

Mª LLUÏSA Casanovas, the wife of Mr. Manel, led incasablemente the development of the company. His kindness and empathy with the audience drove the growth of MM.

Currently, the company brings in 50 years accumulating experience in the marine industry, being one of the leaders in marine services Cadaqués. It is possible to say that it has evolved during all these years, adapting to the development of the market, as well as to the needs of our customers and the environment. Thanks to this, today it is also one of the leaders in the sale and maintenance of boats.

Finally, it is important to note that customers always will be able to ask any questions, as for the company, the most important thing is to listen, identify needs and propose alternatives to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers, making sure you really are satisfied.